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To properly celebrate Christmas, Decathlon Martinique has teamed up with Sports’Indies to organize multi-sport initiations and discovery days on its site. Every Saturday from November 18th 2017, until Christmas, everyone can come and try a maximum of sports, with family, friends or even alone.

Looking forward to see you there 🙂

Here is a short video recap to give you a little taste of the atmosphere at Decathlon every Saturday till Christmas. On December 9th, people were able to try beach tennis, rugby, archery, biking and roller. Next time, you will have the opportunity to try beach handball, ping pong, pool activities, biking and roller.

See you there !!!

Your custom sports packages in the French Caribbean

Sports’Indies is a sports event agency with a dedicated concierge system, specializing in providing creative solutions for sports tours and events in the French Caribbean (French West Indies).

Our mission is to help you discover this destination through Sport and its values, by bringing you closer to the local people and the creole culture. You can count on our team to enhance your sports travel experience and help you create memories of a lifetime.

Sports’Indies strives to bring a fresh new perspective to sports travel. It is our promise to you to provide you with excellent service and available counselors dedicated to meeting your every need at each stage of your journey.

On the court


At Sports’Indies, we custom-make sports packages for professional or amateur teams, looking for a unique experience. We recognize the French Caribbean for the fantastic assets that they are and do our best to make you experience its rich cultural heritage and incredible natural setting. We take pride at running things differently than other sports tour companies and provide you with a wide range of original packages that fit your requirements.


Whether your team needs to get ready for pre-season, a specific competition or just improve the group cohesion, you can count on us.


Do your children participate in organized sports on a regular basis and want to improve while developing their skills? These camps are meant for them.


When ends of season usually rhymes with cutting players or recruiting for some teams, for us it also coincides with celebration.


Sports’Indies also implements responsible tourism practices through its packages.

Sports facilities


Leisure / Activities


Our agency manages travel arrangements on various local sporting events. We also set up our own events in collaboration with local, national and international partners. Putting these events together is a great opportunity for us to promote both sports and the French Caribbean and encourage the creation of gateways between local sports and sports worldwide.

« We believe in the values of sport and the messages it conveys »

« An extraordinary playground, dynamic partners, innovative solutions »


To help you address the everyday challenges your business may face, such as stress or demotivation, we set up quality team buildings and sports incentives, based on sports activities, fun and emotions. Whether you are looking for transmitting sports values such as team spirit, building connections between coworkers or reward your best employees, customers or suppliers, we have the solution.

Off the court

Who we are

Sports’Indies is a sports event agency that combines concierge services, sports experience and local knowledge of the area to offer you a unique, yet authentic experience. Whatever the type of stay you are looking for, your discipline or your level of practice, we take care of everything so you can have total peace of mind.

Because we want your trip to be meaningful, we promote traditional activities as well as exchanges with local sports teams and associations to enrich your experience and give it a more human dimension. In order to better satisfy you, our agency takes part in an environmentally responsible approach reinforced by its active collaboration with enthusiastic partners, also respectful of the environment.

The founder

Sports’Indies came from the reflection of a former high-level athlete from Martinique,
Leslie Ardon.

« I have long sought a professional retraining that would be consistent with my background, my values and my personality. Curiously, I never intended to become a full-time coach. However, like many French West Indian athletes, I always wanted to « give back » to our islands. My experience as a professional basketball player and my passion for travel made me consider things differently. Why not engage in an activity that enhance Sports and the French Caribbean? An activity that would allow the creation of gateways between local sports and sports worldwide? »

Sports’Indies was born …

Core Values

Sports’Indies is an agency primarily founded by an athlete for other athletes, and much more. We rely on sports values and strive to meet the same requirements during the design and implementation of our packages. We also endeavor to become a real game changer in the industry by providing our guests with top quality services that go beyond the clichés. To us, the French Caribbean are a crossroads of exchanges, meetings and cultures. That’s why, in addition to the sporting aspect, we encourage Eco-Tourism and promote the contact with nature and people. We are proud to give our guests a glimpse of creole authenticity so they can fully enjoy their experience.

Passion for sport and travel
Custom-made packages
Client satisfaction
Eco responsible approach


To better satisfy you, we work closely with a network of carefully selected active partners.

This « extended team » allows us to offer you a wider range of services tailored to your needs and your expectations.

Sports’Indies is the promise of optimal support in accordance with our commitment to you.


« How can one not enjoy its stay in Martinique with such a bright sun and a warm welcome. The staff professionalism is impeccable and the activities are very stimulating. Thanks again. »

Angelo Tsagarakis
Angelo TsagarakisBasketball player in Vichy, Pro B, 3x3 French National Team member

« A perfect stay in an idyllic setting with great sports facilities, organized by a super flexible staff, attentive to our team needs and demands.  »

Cédric Hominal
Cédric HominalVolley-Ball player at Lausanne, Ligue A (Suisse)

« A great stay, perfectly organized, between land and sea, sports and discovery … the wow factor : the staff availability and adaptability »

Léonie Leroy
Léonie LeroyHandball player at SAHB, French Division 1

« Doing pre-season workouts in an exotic setting : a mix of physical activities, fantastic places and unique moments »

Xavier Noel
Xavier NoelNational Boxing Coach at INSEP, Paris

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